Graphic Tablets – A tough pill to swallow

Although the majority of designers favour InDesign, I’m a Photoshop girl at heart. Even Illustrator never really took my fancy, despite it being billed as everything I was looking for in software.

I imagine it’s because I found my footing in Photoshop and always revert back to the original if I’m unsure what to do in another application. I feel comfortable and know it like the back of my hand, a saying that was put to the test recently with the use of a graphic tablet.

These were created with the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. Takes a lot of getting used to and even more screwing up and drawing badly. But the results paid off, and did pass the time in bed with a stomach flu.

Both of these are just Wiki photos of the main campus of Trinity College Dublin.

rainbow-weekUnsure where I was going with this one but it seemed to be a happy accident out of playing with shadows and colour mixers.

wbInspired by Quentin Blake, I liked using a messy detailing with broad shadows. This was mostly my trial run at the Wacom tablet, as buildings are infinitely easier to work with than people. In both art and in the real world.


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