Sweet Beginnings – Pt. 2


The Bram Stoker Paper Reading Club – 2014rosalind-bramThis poster is interesting for me to look back on.  There were a lot of things going on at that time and this poster creates a weird dichotomy where I am meant to like it but it is tinged with a lot of sadness during the making of it.  And that the cross on the bottom is meant to be the female symbol because no one got that and thought I was making a religious statement.


THW Go Nude – University Philosophical Society – 2015thw-go-nude

I think this is the last poster I made for The Phil? Because of college censorship I didn’t want to tempt fate by getting my poster taken down a week before society elections. Again, simple, 3 colours, graphic based. Me to a tee.


THW Lean In – University Philosophical Society – 2015thw-lean-in-copy

When I was in first year I fell in love with another poster that the previous public relations officer had made. I forgot about it until it was pointed out about a year later when I was in the same position he had occupied that I had taken liberal influence from his poster. Although I didn’t remember the poster, there was definitely a subconscious association given the similar subject matter.

You can view the poster I accidentally cannibalised here. Would also recommend you have a sniff through Glen’s blog, he is hugely talented and definitely not the worst person to try and emulate.


The Bram Stoker Paper Reading Club – 2015shannon-bram-copy   This poster upsets me. Not because I dislike it. It’s probably my favourite poster I’ve ever worked on. But because it never came to life. There was an issue with the printers and communication so I never saw it properly in print.

Although I did order two copies myself about a month later to see it in all its glory, and it was glorious. I love this piece so much. There’s nothing about it I dislike or would change, which is saying a lot coming from a consistent critic.


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