Sweet Beginnings

Most of the following are simple designs that I began my work on Photoshop with.

Some vary in quality, some I mixed in a bit of Illustrator with, all remind me of sitting up in the Bram Stoker Room in the Graduates Memorial Building in Trinity College blasting The Sound of Music from my speakers.


Maidens Competition Sign Up – The University Philosophical Society – 2014 -First things first.maidens

The first poster I ever made and it took the guts of 10 hours. I knew what I wanted to achieve but when no image matched my ideas I created it with the knife tool and alt. keys in Illustrator. Probably the most work I have ever put into a poster and the most minimalist one I have.

The Bram Stoker Paper Reading Club – 2015 – Subject mattermike-bram

This poster was for a friend who was doing a paper on the freedom of speech. Since he was a friend I wanted to add a personal touch. The profile is actually a cut from one of his photos on social media. No one knew or noticed except myself and Michael. It’s still funny to look back on but I did like putting something in there that was original rather than downloading a clipart psd. file.

The Bram Stoker Paper Reading Club – 2014 – A tale of multiple layersgavin-depression-poster

It’s a great day when you learn how colour coding layers in Photoshop save you a lot of time, effort and clicking. This poster had about 40 layers (I was a baby back then and thought 40 was an obscene amount. Currently working on a piece with 120 layers). Each was a duplicate of the original water drop image I had made. Instead of thinking it through and looking at how best to work placement I simply became click-happy with the alt. key and ended up creating an extra hour of work for myself when things needed to be changed later. I now keep my folders to a minimum of 3 with all layers having a place in each one.

The Bram Stoker Paper Reading Club – 2014 – 20 minute lessonfionn-bram

Second poster I ever created. This went through about 7-8 drafts with an idea of silhouettes of men created from green paper, requiring a correct texture. After a lot of stress I simply found an image of a rich, white man and used the ellipse tool. Sometimes simple is key as this is one of my favourite posters and took all of 20 minutes to create.


This paper reading would be attended by the Israeli embassy so keeping things minimalist and kosher was key. I never like to use more than 3 primary colours on my posters. A trend you can see in most of my work. It annoys me to this day that the text doesn’t align on the left. It physically stresses me out at this point.


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