Vectors as far as the eye can see..

About a week ago I was asked to create a poster for a mock-Student Union University event that was happening.

I took some of the candidates and created caricatures of each of them from pictures I had on on Facebook . I only knew about 2 of the people involved so for the rest of them I just went with whatever my hand felt like.

Below are the individual .png’s of each of the people done on Illustrator on a Wacom tablet.



I then used a watercolour .abr brush set to ‘splash’ basic colours on each of the candidates to distinguish them and not make it so monochrome.

This was the first poster I had done in quite a while (a little over a year I think?). It was weirdly lovely to get back into my Society Public Relations boots and design a poster I had complete creative control over. It’s also nice to compare this to my earlier works and see how far I’ve developed. It was a fun light-hearted project that took me away from dissertation-land that I’ve taken up residence in.

Hustings Poster.jpg


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