Havin’ a Ball

I was asked to create a two page spread for this year’s Trinity Ball Guide by the editors. It was a very last minute ask so I only had half a day to turn it over. I wanted to do a ‘What’s in your Clutch’ Guide, combining quick tips with drawing and design.

Hannah Test

Above is the final piece, if you notice an odd gap or strange placement, that was to allow for the magazine binding! As it was a saddle stitch, there would need to be a 3mm excess left so the words/drawings didn’t disappear into the margins.

Each drawing was done on my Wacom tablet and then imported as a .png file into InDesign, where I places and designed the layout. The drawing of the objects took the longest to complete as there was very little written copy I had to think up. The background was in-line with the rest of the feel and design of the magazine, sparkling lights and cool tones. Overall, for a very quick last minute job, I don’t think it could have gone any better!

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 22.48.26

This is how it came out in the final, online and print issue. The magazine was given out to the thousands of Ball-goers. You can view the full publication here

I ended up following my own guide and going to the ball with a clutch full of plasters and coins!


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