Stars and Shamrocks

I was asked to design a poster for an upcoming talk in my University by one of my old professors. The only direction given was for it to be clean cut, a designer’s dream really!

The talk was on Jewish and Irish societal history, so I played around with symbols of both cultures and tried to amalgamate them


I had an inkling this one would be the preferred poster, and it was the one that ended up getting chosen. I was trying to create a basic cubist look at shadows but I don’t think it really got there. However, it ended up being the winning design so something must have come across!


The below was mostly to test the waters and see what my lecturer was after. Although getting little direction for design work can be a blessing, occasionally you find that a client already has an idea of what they want in their heads all laid out but just haven’t realised it yet. I made three very different posters as initial designs to make sure I would be on the right course with one of them. It was fortunate that the second poster happened to work immediately but it’s a good lesson for any designer that a client not indicating what they want doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want.


This is just the final cut of the poster, I did some headers and covers too but no point including them. I made some of the colours darker simply to ensure they popped out, as the yellows were getting lost in the actual physical print.



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